Saturday, January 26, 2008

How to Use Lingerie and Rose Petals to Create Romance

Planning a romantic evening does not have to be a stressful event. It can be fun and adventurous with sexy lingerie, candles, dinner and more. You can use your creativity paired with your eroticism and you will have an evening to remember. Read on and enjoy !


  • Make a List - Make a list of the things that your and your partner enjoy. Is it a simple evening with a vintage bottle of wine? Is it a sexy, erotic evening with rose petals and sexy lingerie? Is it a visit down memory lane? A favorite restaurant maybe? Or special vacation? Write down all of the things that you feel will entice the both of you.

  • Select the Perfect Location - Any location will work as long as it creates the mood for the both of you. It could be dinner at home or possibly a romantic rooftop dinner with wine. There have been so many romantic rooftop scenes in the movies, why not try that out in real life ? You pack a basket and travel to familiar countryside and have a picnic. How about taking a sailing trip or a boat cruise?

  • Dinner - The plan does not necessarily have to include food. If you do include food in the evening then either cook a favorite meal that you both enjoy or possibly have it catered. Find a favorite restaurant, maybe one that you went to when you first started dating? Remember, be creative. Writing helps so this is an important part of your list!

  • Surroundings - Create an atmosphere that lends to romance and that feeling when you first met each other, or that first kiss. Use candles and soft lighting to create the mood. There are many different aromas, heights and sizes of candles. Another good choice is to burn some incense that is fragrant and is no heavily scented. Light scents are much better than heavy ones. The scent should be noticed but not be overwhelming as to be distracting.

  • Where to Go - You may want add a trip to a live show or go the opera after your dinner plans. Select something that create a powerful romantic feeling. Or you could add a night of dancing or a carriage ride in the park.

  • Do everything that you can to personalize your evening whether it be a special place or possibly a special song. Include love songs, poems and romantic movies.


  • End you evening with a grand gesture of a gift of sexy, erotic lingerie, or some jewelry and don't forget the rose petals! The final climax of the evening should be explosive! ENJOY!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to Be Kissable

A person's kissability can be negatively affected by many factors, including bad breath and chapped lips. However, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize these problems and make yourself more kissable.

  • Have fresh breath. Begin by brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily.
  • During the day, especially after meals, use breath mints or breath strips. Breath strips work better, especially if you've just ended a garlicky dinner or whatnot. Be careful about gum because you will have to get rid of it before kissing.
  • Make sure that your lips are well moisturized. You should also apply lip balm frequently (carry one in your pocket or purse). This will help keep your lips soft.
  • Don't forget to look after your skin. Use products with shea butter, it's better than most other skincare ingredients and it doesn't leave a greasy feel after use (who would want to kiss you if your skin shines like sweat?).
  • Make plenty of eye contact. This provides the intimate connection that is an invitation to kissing.
  • Being comfortable makes you appear more relaxed and therefore more kissable. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes.


  • Guys: When you notice a girl leaning towards you & looking you dead in the eye she wants to kiss. If the environment is not conducive to a kiss, use the next opportunity.
  • A surprise kiss is often quite memorable but if you dont know the person likes you as more then a friend it can be a disaster
  • When you kiss someone (especially if it is just a casual kiss) DO NOT pucker your lips (in other words, don't "smooch")! It also helps not to lick your lips; no one likes a messy, wet kiss.
  • If you smoke, quit! In addition to being bad for your health, smoking yellows your teeth and causes severe bad breath, which will keep others from even thinking about kissing you!
  • Guys: Most girls want to kiss you. So act interested and they will likely catch on.
  • Girls: Kissing is half of what most guys think about, so don't worry about the guy wanting to kiss. Chances are, they do.
  • If you're a girl, wear a light shade of lipstick or flavored lip gloss so it shows the guy you are up for a kiss.
  • Girls : Almost every guy wants to kiss a girl, sometimes even in the earlier stages in a relationship. If you want to kiss, most likely the guy you're with wants to kiss. Go for it!
  • Make your kiss last long,if you want to remember it keep your position and keep following up with kisses. You don't want your kiss to be over in 1 second.


  • If you have severe bad breath that is not helped by brushing, flossing, etc., consult your dentist or doctor. Listerine might help so an extra 30 seconds will not hurt!

Things You'll Need

  • Yourself, with lips
  • A person who is open to kissing activities
  • Breath mints (optional)
  • Lip mask (optional but works well, especially for easily chapped lips!)
  • Lip balm (optional)